4 Quick Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Looking to boost the value of your home before you sell? We’ve got you. Here are some simple, inexpensive ways of increasing your home’s curb appeal and value when selling your home.

Our own Adam Umina takes us through a few quick ways to give your home a fresh new look, without taking up your entire weekend or spending a ton of money.

1. Power washing – A second life for the stone work at your home.

This is not only effective, but dare we say… fun? There is something unusually satisfying about seeing things become clean right in front of your eyes. You may have also heard the term “Pressure washing” and are wondering “Well, which should I do?”

The good news is, the two are very similar, with just one main difference: a heating element. While this may seem like a minor difference, the heating component of a power washer changes the way you would use it.

A power washer uses the force and heat of a high-pressure water stream to blast away the dirt and grime on your patios, walkways, etc. The added heat makes this option better for removing things like long-lasting stains, mold and grease.

A pressure washer is the less heavy-duty option, which still does a great job of removing dirt, but will be used on surfaces where the stains are stuck on.

“I power washed my stone patio and walkway this spring when I was quarantining and it gave my house new life.  The powerwasher was a couple hundred bucks and it took a few hours. Worth every minute and penny, see attached before and after.”

Adam Umina

2. Stop and smell the flowers – After you plant them.

Flowers – something so simple, but yet still add so much to the canvas in which they are planted. But, how do you decide? There are a lot of factors that go into gardens – geographic location, need for upkeep, price, etc. – and so we’ve found a few guides to share with you that will hopefully help provide some help in your decision.

What to Plant Now – A month-to-month breakdown of what to plant and when. This list also provides a great resource for geographic references, ensuring that you’re planting the best types of plants and flowers for your location. (via Urban Farmer)

Do you already have a vegetable garden and simply want to add some pops of color with flowers? Check out this list of the 9 Best Flowers for the Vegetable Garden. (via TheSpruce)

You may not be sure how much time you realistically have to invest in a garden – after all, you’re selling your home and aren’t necessarily trying to develop a green thumb. Here’s a guide for you – 21 Easy to Grow Flowers for Beginners. (via Garden Design)

“A few simple annuals around the front of the house can go a long way to add a splash of color and life to a house.”

Adam Umina

3. Don’t avoid your garage – Upgrade the garage doors.

Perhaps you didn’t even know that upgrading your garage doors was a thing. That’s okay – it often goes overlooked. Another thing you perhaps didn’t know – there are a lot of types of garage doors to choose from. Options, options, options.

Before you buy, do a quick “Types of garage doors” Google search.

“This is a worthwhile improvement as it will boost the curb appeal immensely and has proven to have one of the highest rates of return of any home improvement at over 98% of the cost to install. That’s next on the list of improvements at my own house.”

Adam Umina

4. The front door is one of the first things you see – paint it.

This may not necessarily increase the value of your home, but it will definitely give your home a fresh look and help you sell.

But, how do you decide what color to paint it? Now it seems like it’s a whole new bag of decisions, right? No worries – we’ve found a great tool to help you decide. Here is the Glidden Room Visualizer – simply select “Exteriors” from the list of room options, or go ahead and paint the whole home. At the very least, this tool is fun to use.

Now, let’s hear from you.

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