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Racial Wealth Inequality in the Boston MSA

Racial Wealth Inequality in the Boston MSA

Homeownership serves as the primary asset in which most Americans build and store their wealth. The federal tax code also incentivizes homeownership by providing tax savings associated with mortgage interest deductions. Furthermore, there are other positive attributes that owning a home, particularly in a certain… Read More

7 Biggest Mistakes Home Buyers Make

7 Biggest Mistakes Home Buyers Make

It’s easy to fall in love with your dream house (and the idea of finally buying one) - and we all know that when you’re as enamored as you are pressured to take a big leap, your judgment could be obscured. The stakes are high… Read More

4 Quick Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Looking to boost the value of your home before you sell? We've got you. Here are some simple, inexpensive ways of increasing your home's curb appeal and value when selling your home. Our own Adam Umina takes us through a few quick ways to give your home… Read More

What It’s Like to Work With The Metro Realty Team

There's a reason we've been a leader in Boston real estate for over 35 years. But don't just let our history do the talking - our clients are the reason we continue to thrive in the Boston market, so we're letting them speak to their… Read More

2020 Home Interior Trends

2020 Home Interior Trends

You scored your dream home–– now it’s time to infuse some style into your space. In 2020, there’s no denying the maximalist trend is continuing to grow. Urban dwellers are moving away from the dense apartment boxes they’re used to, toward creating more expressive &… Read More

10 Facts About Boston’s Housing Market You Probably Didn’t Know

The Boston Foundation put together a housing report card that addresses supply, demand, and the challenge of local control. These reports generate tremendous interest on the part of housing advocates, economists, policy makers—and the community in general—because they not only present and analyze an enormous… Read More

Navigating the Real Estate Market In Uncertain Times

Navigating the Real Estate Market In Uncertain Times

Tumultuous times can often bring about positive change in life - and therefore, a downturn in our economy due to our current climate may be the best opportunity you’ll ever have to get your foot in the front door of your new home. Whether you’re… Read More

We stand with you.

Justice is finally starting to be served, but there is so much more work to do. As we move forward together, Metro will share what we learn to help keep this dialogue alive in general and in our community. Please, act and learn with us. Act… Read More

Home DIY: 5 accounts to follow on Instagram right now

There are a lot of great accounts out there – from real estate to fashion to technology, you can pretty much find anything you’re looking for in a couple of seconds. Something we’re regularly looking for are home DIY tips, so we put together a list… Read More

Mortgage loan resources: A complete list

In our last post, we discussed the different types of plans and options for mortgage loan borrowers during the coronavirus pandemic. Let’s run through those real quickly – Mortgage Modification Getting a mortgage loan modification could mean extending the length of your term, lowering your… Read More

Mortgage payments: Can you expect a break on yours?

We’ve all heard the news articles about lenders allowing forbearance or deferment of federally-backed loans. You may be wondering – what exactly does that mean for homeowners and their monthly mortgage payments? Here, we break down the payment options and what they could mean for… Read More

What to Expect After Quarantine

The real estate market is always something to keep an eye on – like most markets, it fluctuates, and it does so big time. The era of COVID-19 brings no exception to this, and our team has seen some interesting supply and demand trends. Right… Read More

Need to move? We’re here for you.

We get it – you still need to move. In the midst of all the craziness, we're here to help you with that - virtually. Using 3D Matterport models, photos and walk-through video tours (with the help from current tenants in many cases to assist… Read More

3 DIY Cleaning Products For Your Home

As we all try to navigate our lives with the Coronavirus at large and leaving everyone with more questions than answers, we want to do our part in pulling resources together to make it even just a bit easier. One of the things we thought… Read More

The Benefits of Hiring A Listing Agent

Listing your home? Let's make it easy. Listing your home on the market can seem overwhelming for a lot of reasons – we get it. The good news is that there are plenty of resources out there to help you throughout this process, and the team… Read More

Celebrating the women of Metro Realty #IWD2020

  This year, International Women’s Day fell on Sunday, March 8 – but this entire month is dedicated to celebrating women and advocating for equality; something we feel passionately about all year round. At Metro, we consider ourselves extremely lucky to be able to have such… Read More

10 Questions To Ask Your Rental Agent

  What are the up front costs associated with this unit? Your first question: So what’s this going to cost me? It’s a fair question – we’d ask it, too. While it won’t always be the same across the board, we can definitely shed some light… Read More

New to Town: Brookline

The stressful part of your move is done – rent is paid, boxes are unpacked, and you finally decided what corner of the living room to put the couch. Now it’s a beautiful Saturday and you have plenty of time to explore your new neighborhood,… Read More

10 Ways to Help You Get Your Spring Cleaning Started

Does spring cleaning have you feeling like you’re swimming in things you don’t really want, but aren’t ready to throw away, either? Do you have a lot of “stuff” and not a lot of extra room for all of it? We’ve created a list of… Read More

Multi-Family Properties: The New ‘House Hack’ in Boston

Most home buyers--whether they're ready to buy for the first time or are looking to upgrade from their existing home--assume that a single-family home is their only real option. In actuality, multi-family properties can offer a multitude of benefits compared to single-family homes, and investing… Read More

An Alternative Guide for Boston House Hunters

If you’re amongst Boston house hunters, you’ve probably already realized that popularity drives up demand, which in turn drives up prices. Still, there are alternatives for Boston house hunters that you may not be aware of. Remember that Boston is made up of many different… Read More