How Matterport Differentiates Metro Realty from the Pack

Whether you’re looking to buy property or find a rental in the Greater Boston area, start with Metro Realty. Unlike almost any other real estate services out there, Metro Realty offers unparalleled benefits to tenants and buyers alike. As one of the first Matterport investors in the Boston area, learn what makes us special, and how Matterport differentiates Metro Realty from the pack.

The Metro Difference

It begins with quality. Metro Realty is a boutique real estate services agency with over 30 years of combined experience across our dedicated team. During that time, we’ve built a reputation for providing value, expertise and quality customer service for every one of our esteemed clients. The properties that we represent are some of the finest that Boston and the surrounding area has to offer. Our assembly of properties for sale or for rent is sure to please your discerning taste. And, because of our commitment to customer service, we’ve invested in the latest technological tool to transform the way you shop for that special place to call home.

Matterport and Metro: A Match Made in Boston

Here at Metro Realty, we’ve always made great efforts at setting ourselves apart from our competitors. We started asking ourselves, “How can we make the renting and buying experience better for our clients?” We talked to everyone we know to find out what is the most frustrating part of the process. One of the most common complaints was how hard it is to get a real sense of a property just from online images. Even so-called virtual tours are typically just a set of pictures clumsily pasted together with inexpensive—or free—movie editing software, such as iMovie. Considering that 90% of people begin their real estate search online, we felt it’s unacceptable to have such disappointing results. So we set out to create the ultimate buying and renting search experience for our clients. That’s when we decided to team up with Matterport, and we haven’t looked back since.

What is Matterport and Why Does it Matter?

Matterport is quite honestly the most innovative and impressive real estate tool on the market for anyone looking to buy or rent real estate. With the help of the Matterport tool, Metro Realty gives new and prospective clients an interactive 3D walkthrough of the property. Just take a look at what Matterport can do, here. As you’ll see, it’s actually much more than 3D. This is immersive True3D ™ that provides just about everything you’d see in real life, short of actually stepping into the property itself!

How to Use Matterport

To take full advantage of Matterport, all you have to do is click on the property link. You’ll automatically step into a virtual world where it feels like you’re inside the property that you’re interested in. As you move your cursor around the screen, you’ll notice a blue circle, which indicates your current position. You’ll also notice nearly transparent circles throughout the rooms. Those indicate paths that you can take to change your perspective. If you’ve ever used Google Earth to navigate down a street, you’ll soon get the feel of Matterport. Click ahead or on the side, and you’ll automatically move to the new position until you click again, or until you reach a wall or the next transparent circle. You can even go all the way up to a window and look outside! Check out an example of a property rental in Brookline:

If you don’t see the embedded preview please click here!

More Features, More Benefits

    • If you are interested in seeing something close up, just click on the little plus sign in the lower right-hand corner of your screen. Clicking on the minus sign will zoom you out again.
    • If you have a virtual headset, you can experience the property that way by clicking on the headset icon.
  • Share the view through Facebook, Twitter or email by clicking the share icon.
  • Go full screen/cinema mode by clicking on the square in the corner.
  • View the space in dollhouse mode by clicking on the icon in the lower left side of the screen. This view gives you a 3D layout of the property as if it was a model sitting on a table. You can even manipulate the angle that you view the dollhouse just by moving your cursor around.
  • Switch to floor plan mode at any time just by clicking. This is a great way to get an overhead view of the entire space, so you can really orientate yourself as to how the space is laid out.

The winning combination of Matterport and Metro Realty makes it so much easier to shop for property to buy or rent in the Greater Boston area. Now you no longer have to slough through pages of dark, blurry, poorly composed images of property to rent or buy. You can easily eliminate properties that don’t fit your needs, without spending entire afternoons visiting each property in person. But the most rewarding part is, you’ll be able to enjoy the quality customer service and attention you deserve from the Metro Realty team, combined with the latest in technology that serves you, our valued client. Come experience the Metro Realty difference today. Call, email or drop by our office on Babcock Street in Brookline. We look forward to working with you!