I moved on September 1st. Here’s what I did, what I should have done and what I’ll never do again.

There are a lot of do’s and don’ts when it comes to moving on September 1st. While some will tell you that moving on September 1st is your first mistake, it’s also inevitable in a lot of cases. Unless you can pay to overlap two apartments at once, break your lease and arrange for a different move-in date or simply stay put, 9/1 is one of those days that you feel like you just can’t escape. I know that most of the time those three options aren’t doable, and this post is all about what to do in that event. It might be a tough day, but there are ways to make it just a little less tough.



  • Get an early start.
    It’s true, the early bird gets the… parking spot. If possible, work with your Town Hall to obtain a parking permit for the morning of the big move. This will ensure that you have a (safe and convenient) spot to park and unload everything. If you can’t obtain a parking permit, then get out there early. Beating the traffic and snagging the good spots will ensure a much less stressful 9/1.
  • Keep the things that you might need that day in one box.
    Get one big box and label it “MOVE-IN DAY.” As you’re packing up, note the things that you would be really annoyed to search for while you’re doing 1 million other things. Some of these could include:

    Toilet paper
    Bottles of water – extra points for a reusable bottle!
    Paper towels
    Cleaning spray
    Clorox wipes
    Some easy, quick snacks – granola bars, some chips, etc.
    An extra shirt
    Plates and silverware for meals that day
    Any important chargers – laptop, cell phone, etc.
    Any medications
    Some games for post-moving fun
  • Clean first, move after.
    Before moving into your new spot, CLEAN IT. This way, you’re putting your things in an area that you personally feel comfortable in. Most landlords will have units cleaned prior to move-in, but we’ve all been there where it just…. doesn’t feel clean. A quick sweep and wipe down will ensure that you’re starting fresh.
  • I will never go out the night before again.
    There are a lot of things that you simply can’t do up to par without a full night’s sleep and being well-rested. Moving in on September 1st is one of them. While it’s certainly doable (again, perhaps we’ve all been there), it makes for one long day. Aside from being tired and irritable, you’ll feel more dehydrated and therefore less effective and helpful. Which doesn’t bode well for any possible roommates.
  • Make sure you’re considerate of your neighbors.
    Keeping the hallways and shared areas clean is just as important as inside your unit. Remove trash, empty boxes and any move-in items quickly, and set the precedent for the rest of the building. And I get it – it happens. You’re flustered and you need some time and will certainly move that box ASAP. Just be aware of what “ASAP” actually means to you. As we speak, one of my neighbors has 4 large boxes blocking half of the hall, that have now been there for almost one week. That, my friends, is not “ASAP.”

Well, there it is. A quick list of some definitely-do’s and and absolutely-don’ts to help you navigate your future 9/1 move-ins. Let us know what YOU do and don’t do on your move-in days, and any tricks that you just HAVE to do. And subscribe to our newsletter for tons of other tips and tricks to make the most of your home.