New to Town: Brookline

The stressful part of your move is done – rent is paid, boxes are unpacked, and you finally decided what corner of the living room to put the couch. Now it’s a beautiful Saturday and you have plenty of time to explore your new neighborhood, but you don’t know where to start. Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Check out the list below for some of our favorite spots in Brookline.

  1. Stop number one: food and caffeine, obviously. Head over to Paris Creperie on Harvard street to start your morning off right. They have a wide variety of sweet and savory crepes on the menu if you aren’t sure what you want! Not seeing anything you like? You be the chef! With the build-your-own- crepe option, there is something for everyone! Add a cup of coffee or a smoothie and you are setting yourself up for a good day. If this hit the spot, head back for lunch (and dessert) and check out some of the lunch crepe options!
    Paris Creperie, Brookline, Massachusetts, Food
    Photo from Instagram: @pariscreperie


  2. Now you’re full and still sipping on that cup of coffee. Take a walk over to Brookline Booksmith in Coolidge Corner. Check out some of the great book selections they have, marking the staff favorites to give you some guidance on your reading choices. If you have a full bookshelf at home with books that you keep meaning to read and you aren’t in the market for any more, the Booksmith has a lot more to offer than just books. There is an entire section of fun household trinkets you maybe never knew existed: crazy socks, jewelry and greeting cards for every occasion that don’t make you cringe when you read them! Go check it out for yourself, and make sure you have plenty of time to browse.
  3. Books are fun, sure. But nothing beats a movie at the theater. Right across the street is the Coolidge Corner Theater. Having opened in 1933, this is definitely a piece of the city’s history. You won’t catch the latest big films here, but this theater is known for its independent films, documentaries, animations and international film series. 
    Photo from Instagram: @thecoolidge


  4. Now you are looking to stretch your legs and get some fresh air after your movie. Take a leisurely stroll over to Winthrop Playground and Minot Rose Garden! Great for couples, families and kids alike. There is a great playground for kids to climb and swing, along with a nicely paved path for them to scooter and bike. Adults can enjoy the beautiful rose garden attached to the park. Why not pack a blanket and some lunch and have an afternoon picnic while you’re there?
  5. Haven’t quite gotten your nature fix? No problem! Continue your outdoor enjoyment at Allendale Farm! Here you can stock up on your favorite fresh fruits and veggies from sweet potatoes to kale to melon – they have it all. The good news is that it doesn’t stop there. Check out the dairy selections of fresh cheese and yogurt and the pastas, sauces, coffee and more. Don’t forget to check out the greenhouse before you go and grab some plant décor for your new apartment! Don’t worry, the helpful gardening staff will give you all the tips and trick you need to keep your plants alive and healthy.
  6. What is an adventurous Saturday if you don’t stop for a slice (or three) of pizza? Otto Pizza in Coolidge Corner has the perfect pie to satisfy any craving. Originating in Portland, Maine, this restaurant has quickly become a favorite for local pizza lovers. If plain cheese pizza is your thing, they got you! Maybe you are feeling adventurous and want to try the butternut squash pizza, with craisins and ricotta for a delicious pick me up! Vegan? Gluten free? No problem, they have options to suit your needs! If you have a group of friends and all the options are tempting, grab a variety of individual pizzas to share and try them all. 
    Photo from Instagram: @ottoportland


  7. Calling all beer lovers! Time to wash down that pizza with a nice brew. The Publick House is a must! With an extensive beer menu and some of THE BEST chicken wings around, you cannot go wrong. The vibe there is everything you need if you are catching up with friends after work or looking to relax on the weekend. They offer a full bar, delicious food and a cozy atmosphere. Why wouldn’t you go?
  8. Pizza, wings, beer – maybe those options weren’t what you were looking for to end your day on. You are in luck. Osaka is a great Japanese Steak House. It has an interactive hibachi grill, with regular dining areas, a sushi bar and a karaoke bar! This is a great spot for some sake and a date.
  9. Whether you went for the pizza, wings or Japanese food you have a hankering for a sweet treat to cap off the day. Look no further! Serenade Chocolatier is the answer and we will tell you why! We have all gotten a box of chocolates, eaten the three we like from it, and tossed out the rest. Well, at serenade they offer an extensive menu of indulgent chocolates that allow you to create your own box so none of the deliciousness goes to waste! Perfect for any occasion, or just to treat yourself. 
    Photo from Instagram: @serenadechocolatier


  10. You are DIGGING your new neighborhood. Snacks, books, movies, you have it all right in your corner. End the day by unwinding from all the excitement and stop in at YogaWorks. New students get a free week of yoga to try out a variety of classes from beginner programs to integrated fitness there is something for everyone! Grab a mat, breathe, stretch and try something new.

Hopefully day one in the new neighborhood was a success. You had some treats, hopefully purchased a new book or two and maybe saw a movie or tried a yoga class! Either way, you’re now in the know of some of the greatest gems in Brookline, MA! Time to grab a friend and check out whatever stops didn’t make the list today.