10 Ways to Help You Get Your Spring Cleaning Started

Does spring cleaning have you feeling like you’re swimming in things you don’t really want, but aren’t ready to throw away, either? Do you have a lot of “stuff” and not a lot of extra room for all of it? We’ve created a list of things to get your spring cleaning under control, and quite honestly, to make it fun. By the end of it, you may just start to implement this more seasonally.

  1. If you haven’t worn it in the last month or two, you probably won’t in the next month or two, either.

    We get it, it looks really good on the hanger, and you just might end up needing it in the near future. Try keeping a box or a bag in your closet for when you pick up an article of clothing that you haven’t worn in the last month or two, or for when you try it on and you just really, really don’t like it. “But I liked it so much at the store!” Absolutely! Stores have a way of doing that. Throw it in the box and if you don’t go looking for it in the next couple of weeks, let it be. Take the box (do not, we repeat, do NOT look through it again) and bring it to a clothing swap, donate it or get some of your money back and bring it to a consignment store – either way, you’ve got got less stuff you don’t need lying around and more room to enjoy.

  2. Happy….birthday?

    We’re not super proud of this one, but hey, you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. And let’s be honest, we all have some nice-ish things lying around that we haven’t (really) used, and nowhere to put them. It’s not that we didn’t like the gift, we just…well, we may have not really liked it. But like they say, one man’s trash! Now let’s be clear, we aren’t suggesting that you gift that weird mixing bowl that your sister-in-law gave you to your mother on her birthday. But, why not give it to someone who you otherwise wouldn’t have purchased a gift for? That random birthday party you were invited to by your friend’s friend’s brother, perhaps. Use this one tastefully and you’ll be fine; overdo it and you’ll be, well, the jerk that mistakenly re-gifted a Crockpot to the aunt who gave it to you last year.
  3. Donate.

    Whether it’s a donation bin or a Goodwill, or to your younger siblings – donating can make you feel better and your closet feel cleaner.
  4. Start in one room, and take it from there.

    You know the saying “don’t bite off more than you can chew?” Well, this is a perfect reason to say that. It can be incredibly overwhelming to overhaul your home and clean it from top to bottom all in one go. Unless you’re always on top of not only your cleaning but also your organizing and keeping a check on the things you don’t really use anymore, spring cleaning can be taxing – But that’s April for you, right? *Ba dum chhh* Seriously, though, break up your cleaning sessions into rooms –– tackle the scary living room closet one night, the overflowing bathroom toiletries another night and your shoe closet (it used to fit clothing, too) another night. You’ll be surprised how much easier this makes the process feel, and seeing all of the finished, cleaned rooms will motivate you to wrap up the project sooner rather than later.
  5. You get a box! And you get a box! And YOU get a box! Everyone gets a box!

    For those days where you’re tackling the shoe closet all at once, though, we suggest creating three piles:

    1. A donation pile – If you don’t love it anymore, someone else most definitely will.
    2. A seasonal/“I don’t really wear these but I also don’t want to throw them out” pile – This one’s pretty self explanatory, but we’ve all been there – you don’t need them, but every time you wear them you feel like you’re on top of the world. Don’t throw those out, just create some more space where you can store things like this on a less-regular basis; similar to how you’d store sweaters or hat in the summer.
    3. A trash pile – Let’s be honest, not all of your stuff is in the shape to live another life with someone else. If you wouldn’t thrift them because of wear and tear, poor quality and any other weird trait your old jeans and shoes may have, toss ‘em.
  6. Get creative with storage.

    Even the smallest of spaces can be organized to feel bigger once clutter is reduced. Get a little creative with your storage methods by utilizing space that isn’t out in the open –– under the bed and couches are good places to start. We don’t mean just shove everything under your bed and pray that no one looks under there, either. We mean look into purchasing under-the-bed totes, or as a more affordable option, utilizing cardboard boxes to store your seasonal, less-worn items.
  7. Clothing swap

    One thing about having a bunch of random stuff lying around that you don’t want is that a lot of other people also have a bunch of random stuff lying around that they don’t want –– get together with these people and have a clothing swap. Everyone brings a bag or two of their old stuff (and maybe a bottle of wine) and swaps for something new(ish) that they find there. This isn’t a great way of getting rid of things, but if you can have a little bit of self control and only take a fraction of what you brought, you’ll still come out on top. After everyone’s taken what they like, the rest of the clothes get, yup you guessed it, donated.
  8. Sell it

    Looking for a way to make a few quick bucks? Try selling some of the stuff you no longer use. There are tons of online market places –– that’s right, you don’t even have to leave your home –– for you to post your unwanted clothes, home goods, electronics and so much more. Just snap a picture and type a few words about how “great” and “awesome” the product is, throw a price on it and call it a day. Set a time limit for the item and if it doesn’t sell within that period, in the donation box it goes.

    Another alternative is bringing your stuff into a consignment shop and seeing what they’ll offer you. It’s not the most lucrative way of making some extra money, but it’s better than nothing. A lot of places will try to give you store credit to buy more stuff that you more than likely don’t need, so you take that $4.09 and you hold your head high when you’re walking out with it –– and without all of that stuff you don’t need anymore.

  9. Check your expiration dates

    You would probably be very, very surprised if you went through your fridge and cabinets. Even those jarred foods –– did you know the packaging of some of your foods expires before the actual food does? Do a quick Google search and see what’s good to keep, and what’s gotta go.
  10. Find a friend.

    It’s time to give Becky that jacket she’s always eyeing. You’ve been holding on to it in spite of that; there must be something great about it if she wants it that badly, right? Well, to Becky, sure. But forcing yourself to like something that you don’t like just because other people do will lead to nothing but unhappiness and in this case, clutter.
So that’s that – 10 ways to kick off your spring cleaning just in time for summer. It’s definitely not easy, and we are right there with you when we say “this sounds really, really overwhelming,” but it’ll be worth it. Whether you have a lot of work to get to or a few things that it’s time to say goodbye to, hopefully this list gives you the motivation to get started. Good luck and happy spring cleaning!