Starting 2023 with a Clean Slate

In case you didn’t already know, Saturday, January 14th is celebrated as Organize Your Home Day!

Every year on this day, you have the perfect opportunity to clear out the clutter, finish the DIY projects you started last year, and ultimately create a space and home that you can love again. The New Year brings with it a slew of resolutions centered on physical health and breaking bad habits, and if we’re being realistic, majority of people ditch the newfound habits within the first month.

What most people don’t realize is that having a clean and safe space that you enjoy spending time in is the foundation for developing healthy habits in every other aspect of your life! This month, we’d like to help you by sharing some of our tips and tricks for decluttering a space and starting with a fresh slate.

1. Start Small with just 5 Minutes at a Time

If decluttering your home is a new idea or concept to you, it’s okay to start small! You do not need to have your home looking brand new in just one day, you can gradually build towards it over the course of a month or so. To begin, dedicate 5 minutes a day for the next 30 days to clearing out one area of your home. Starting small like this makes an otherwise daunting task seem a lot more approachable and manageable.

2. View Your Home as a First-Time Visitor

When you’ve been in a space for a long time, it’s easy to forget what your home may look like from an outside perspective. Do a walkthrough of your space as if it were your friend’s home, and keep a list of how organized or clean you think things are based on your first impression. Take that list and make whatever changes you feel are necessary to create a space that is on par with your standards and wants.

3. Get Rid of One Item Every Day

If you have a hard time getting started, this is another option that starts small but makes a huge difference in the long run! Just get rid of a single item every day – whether that means donating the item, giving it to a friend, or tossing it in the trash. The item you choose could be as small as an old gift bag you’ve been saving to “reuse” or as large as an old, clunky piece of furniture that is falling apart and barely functions properly. If you follow this rule for an entire year, you will have gotten rid of 365 items you no longer need or love!

4. Use the 12-12-12 Method in Every Room

Going room to room, use the 12-12-12 method to declutter and reorganize at the same time. To do this, you go into every room and find 12 items to donate, 12 items to throw away, and 12 items to be returned to their proper homes. Doing this will help you get rid of items you no longer want or need, while also making sure everything you keep has a designated home.

5. Use the Four Box Method in Every Room

Similar to the 12-12-12 method, the four box method also allows you to declutter your home while also organizing the items you are keeping. For this method, all you need is four different boxes: one for items to trash, one for items to donate, one for items to keep, and one for items to keep but relocate. With these boxes, you go room to room and put every item in the room in one of the boxes, no matter how small you think the item may be. Doing this in every room will ensure that you love every item you decide to keep and that they all have a designated home!

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