We stand with you.

Justice is finally starting to be served, but there is so much more work to do.

As we move forward together, Metro will share what we learn to help keep this dialogue alive in general and in our community. Please, act and learn with us.


We are encouraging anyone who can donate, to donate. We have donated $1,000 to Equal Justice Initiative, and invite you to give if you can, or alternatively, to share the link for this incredible initiative. To learn more about EJI, visit www.eji.org.


As we continue to explore the very real inequity issues that are still permeating the real estate market, we can also support the organizations that have made this a priority all along. To get you started, The Boston Foundation has some great insight into how we can work together to ensure everyone has a safe, affordable, comfortable place to live. We are working with our team to build a permanent space on our website for resources like this to live.

Read the 2019 Greater Boston Housing Report Card.

There has never been a time for us to come together more. Please continue to share resources, have conversations and help the people around you to do better. We are learning, we are listening – and we will continue to do so.

With our full support,
The Metro team